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Not just one amazing new project....

Koh Samui

Most of us know Koh Samui as the stunning tourist island situated in the Gulf of Thailand. A playground for holidaymakers; beautiful beaches, a myriad of seafood restaurants, buzzing nightlife and this is why we have fallen head-over-heels in love with this place.

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However, what a lot of people do not realise is that there is another side to the island, a side that needs help and assistance.

GVN has recently partnered with an organization that supports locally operated NGO’s to provide volunteer placements in a variety of areas and locations.

Most government-run schools in Thailand suffer greatly from underfunding. Thailand simply doesn’t have the available money required to keep education as its priority. Teaching materials are poor. Computers are few and far between, if any at all! Lesson plans and curriculum’s suffer immensely, but most importantly so do the students.   That’s where you come in!

In places like Koh Samui, tourism is the number one industry and having a good command of English is a must.  Volunteers are able to teach English to children giving them the opportunity in the future to have a much better chance of obtaining employment.

Schools also struggle to operate on a day to day basis. These government run schools receive little funding and not only does the educational curriculum suffer but the bricks and mortar does too. 
Maintenance of the buildings, classrooms, tables, chairs, canteen, bathrooms, playgrounds and buildings are often overlooked simply because there's not the money to go around. Classrooms don’t have enough tables or chairs for the students, and blackboards are worn out and can’t be used. Windows, doors and mosquito screens are missing, and playgrounds are a health and safety nightmare.

As a volunteer in the building project you will be making a donation of not just your time but also money to purchase the necessary materials to fix that window, replace that sink, improve the running water and more.

To find out more about the Teaching Project or the Building Project go to

Surin – Student Nursing

Surin, often referred to as ‘The Elephant Province’ is located approximately 450kms northeast of Bangkok, on the border with Cambodia. The main industry in the region is rice farming however as Surin receives less than the average amount of rainfall the area suffers with a low income, meaning it’s the third poorest province in Thailand. 

As there is virtually no tourism in Surin the area has managed to keep it’s genuine Thai charm. The people here are amongst the friendliest you will meet in the country and it’s in Surin where the true Thai smile will be witnessed everywhere.

Thailand is a developing country. As in all developing countries, there are those who seem forgotten about; meager income, no transport, little education and very poor health education or access to healthcare. Your volunteer placement will be in one such area. Depending on the length of stay you will cover one or all three of this three-tier project.

Volunteers can work in one of the provinces main hospitals, be a part of the team in one of the many rural health clinics and work within rural communities as a part of our Outreach project.

If you have healthcare experience or have 1 year of medical training under your belt you are welcome to join this project in much need of volunteers.  Find out more at

Guess what?? There are more projects...volunteer in Chiang Rai; Teaching, Building, and Childcare. 

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