Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uganda Tour 2012 - Help in the Building of a Clinic

In May 2012, a group of five international volunteers spent time laying bricks to build the walls for a clinic at the school. With our Second Special Tour of Uganda, The Hope for Africa Children’s Village hopes to see the clinic completed, stocked, and a nurse paid for 1 year! 

This 10 day group placement, to be held in December 2012, will offer an intimate experience with no more than 9 other volunteers. Volunteers will get to know their peers and hosts well, experience a new culture, help complete the rural medical clinic, and go on amazing wildlife safari.  

The Hope for Africa Children’s Village was founded in 2007. Currently over 450 children aged 3 to 15 attend classes for just a few dollars per term. Classroom buildings, desks, an office block, teacher’s quarters, and a borehole have been generously donated throughout these past 4 years. The school runs its own farm providing meals to students and teachers, and a small income to pay teacher salaries from the sale of extra produce. The next logical step in the development of the school is a medical clinic. 

Many local elderly and sick people are unable to reach town to see a doctor because of distance and transport costs. Rural health services mean more people have their health issues assessed and managed, creating a healthier population, increased production, and reduced mortality rates. 

Combined with the organization’s existing public health outreach program, the clinic will be a central health service for the children who attend the school and the 4,500 youth and adults living in the surrounding villages. Clinical officers will provide health assessments, blood tests, counselling and education. 

Join Us
Participants will raise funds to enable the building and outfitting of a small clinic on the grounds of a local primary school. The foundation and walls were built earlier this year by our first volunteer group. The clinic will be completed with the help of this Second Special Tour of Uganda! 

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