Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Program Development Team arrives in Jamaica for Training and Orientation

The GVN Program Development Team will be arriving in Haiti on April 10th ready to set up their home base camp and get started on project work. We are all really excited to finally be able to start making ‘ripples of difference’ in Haiti and begin a fantastic partnership between GVN volunteers and our new friends in Haiti.

What an amazing group of people that have come together to make up our first Program Development Team in Haiti. Nadine McNeil is currently leading the training and orientation program in Jamaica and she had this to say about the group assembled there:

“The GVN Haiti Development Team have arrived Jamaica and all are happy, safe and well. Today marked the first day of the induction training and it has been truly incredible. I am deeply humbled and blessed to be able to lead such a talented and committed group of human beings into Haiti as we launch our collective contribution to re-building this impoverished yet abundantly rich nation.”

Topics covered in the training program include:
• Haiti Volunteer Program Review and Team Objectives
• Cultural Awareness
• Security Awareness, Health and Safety briefings
• Presentations covering Haiti pre-earthquake and Haiti today
• Logistics and what to expect in Haiti

The training program has been designed to prepare volunteers for the conditions they will meet on arrival in Haiti, and aims to provide them with all the information they need to have a safe and productive assignment in Haiti.

GVN wishes the Haiti Program Development Team well and we look forward to sharing further reports on their progress.

If you would like more information about the GVN volunteer program in Haiti please visit our website: