Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fundraising For Your Volunteer Program Abroad

"You have already taken the first big step towards volunteering abroad.  We want to do everything we can to help you make this dream possible."

Covering the costs of your placement

Whilst volunteering abroad comes at a cost, you are not paying to volunteer! You are covering your own expenses to volunteer, such as accommodation and meals, and the services that provide you with a successful placement for both the community you are serving and for yourself.


To enable you to make your desire turn into reality, GVN recommends Fundraising to help you raise the funds for the costs of your program.  We have many resources available including ideas and tips on our website.


Friends and family will be really supportive of your goal to volunteer so include them in your plans as much as possible.  Let them know about the volunteer project you will be taking part in, talk to them about the needs of the community and you’ll find most people will want to help.  

Not everyone has the opportunity to volunteer themselves, friends and family will be eager to help in any way they can.  Many small donations will soon add up.

We are also pleased to annonce that we have partnered with the crowdfunding platform Go Get Funding which can help you raise up to 100% of the costs of your placement with us.

This method of online fundraising is a great way to raise the money you need and with Go Get Funding you can easily create a GVN Fundraising page.

Once you have created your page you can share your page link with family, friends and your wider network or contact.  Social media, such as facebook, twitter, and email make it easy to spread the word.

So, go get funding.....apply to one of our programs, Join Us and start fundraising!