Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beanies for Nepal Orphans

New Zealand volunteers going to Nepal have the option of taking knitted woollen beanies to the children. One volunteer reports back and shares pictures with us. 

"My name is Leonie and in March last year I travelled to Nepal to take part in the Volunteer Program organised by GVN. I took some Beanies over that you and friends had so lovingly knitted!
While I was over there I spent time doing health checks and promotion at the VSN homes - BFCH and Shining Stars - and also at two non-VSN homes which they are supporting, Paradise and Samakhusi. It is at the latter that I spent most of my time as their need was greatest at the time. Consequently I was able to distribute many of the Beanies to the children at Samakhusi, this home is right in Kathmandu - and they loved them! Many of these children were recently off the streets and have no personal belongings to call their own so this was a real treat for them.

I was happy to be able to take the Beanies with me to Nepal. I actually took them as carry on luggage and they made a handy pillow during my stopover in Singapore! I was able to take them to the children I was working with in a home in Kathmandu that VSN are currently supporting, and they were delighted with the 'presents'.
Their smiles said it all really, they were so excited choosing their very own beanies and didn't want to take them off - in fact they didn't for days!"

You have the opportunity to work directly with children from children’s homes, teach English to adults or children, provide education on healthcare practices, take part in building/maintenance projects, or choose to enjoy a cultural exchange homestay.

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